lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Ninja Trials

Hello again! :)

We'll try to update the blog about once a week to tell you about progress we are making, but before that I'll tell you a little about the first game we're developing now, Ninja Trials.

We started developing it in 2013, at first it was going to be a very simple game (like Track'n'Field), because we were still gathering the team, and we primarily wanted to test the engine AndEngine for Ouya (originally it was going to be an Ouya exclusive game, and maybe also for Android smartphones ), but gradually the ideas emerged and we saw that the game had lots of possibilities, so we added several things: new game modes, achievements, history...

These are the first sketches of the game:

We have been learning and improving, and when December 2013 arrived, we took a major decision, we left AndEngine in favor of libGDX. There were many advantages and disadvantages that we had in mind to decide, but mainly we took that decision because that way we could also distribute the game on PC (Windows, Linux and Mac), and even iOS thank to RoboVM.

Right now we are finishing the rebuilding of the "skeleton" of the game, so we hope to have a Beta version running soon.

We'll continue reporting! ;)

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