domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

Ludum Dare October Challenge: A Hole New World

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October ended, but luckily we managed to publish the game in time! We are really happy!! :D
We worked on the game we developed for the past 30 Ludum Dare entry
People encouraged us so much that we decided to give it a try and try to finish the game for selling as the october challenge suggested :)
Game intro
Game intro
A bit of gameplay
A bit of gameplay :)
As it was too much work for only a month, we decided that the best option we had was to finish a pair of stages and then upload the game. We also told the possible buyers that the game is in expansion (we plan to develop three more stages), and that while it's unfinished they can buy the game on sale (i.e. 1$ instead of its final price, that will be 5$).
Desktop version (Windows/Linux/Mac) in
Desktop version (Windows/Linux/Mac) in
I'm very happy to say that there are already several buyers (I didn't expect people to buy the game before we did a bit of promo at least ^^), and if everything's going ok we'll try to allocate the game in some more stores, like OUYA store and Steam :)
Thank you for the jump-start, Ludum Dare friends! And good luck for all of you too! ^o^